Abortion Clinics Sydney

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Procedures Offered by Abortion Clinics in Sydney, Australia
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Abortion can be a difficult and unexpected decision for many women. The health care providers in Sydney are dedicated and committed to offering women the best available care and support.

If you are seeking an abortion, it is important to know about the options available to you. For early pregnancy, medical abortion or “the abortion pill” may be considered; alternatively surgical abortion or “in-clinic abortion” is available. It is important to be well informed when considering termination in any of the abortion clinics in Sydney, Australia.

Frequently asked questions of abortion clinics:

What are the types of abortion methods available?

There are two alternative methods of terminating a pregnancy. In early pregnancy medical abortion may be available depending on your medical history. Surgical or “in-clinic abortion” is also available. Doctors providing either of these services must have the correct training and insurance.

How effective are the procedures offered in the abortion clinic?

The success rate of abortion in Australia is very high. Surgical or “in-clinic abortion” is >99%. Medical abortion or “the abortion pill”, which resembles a miscarriage, is 95-98%. Patients will receive follow-up care for both methods to ensure a successful procedure.

How safe is it?

Safety is of the upmost concern for all patients having termination of pregnancy in an abortion clinic in Sydney. Whilst the rate is low both medical and surgical terminations have potential complications. Minor complications are obviously much more likely than serious ones, however this emphasises the importance of choosing the best of abortion clinics available.